5/10/21 Natural Log Charts

I was working on Excel charts over the weekend. A year or so ago, I had some pivot charts with long and flat strategy return streams where Long + Flat = CC (Buy and Hold). The charts above are not pivot charts and CO + OC = CC.

Important observations include:

  • OC (gray line) outperforming CO
  • Relative weakness in QQQ and VTI where CO and OC have crossed in VTI
  • Relative Strength in RSP, DIA, XLI, etc.

The first part of the 31 day period saw strength in couch potatoes and growth). That had been a playable trend from early March. The latter part has shown an important swing back to finance, value and smokestacks.

Somehow the secret strength of XME, XLB and and XLE got noticed by the WSJ, MW, and even SA over the weekend. Something about inflation.

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