Analysis here is technical and focused on major ETFs, e-mini equity index futures and equities. A certain level of market understanding is assumed for readers.

Most of my business career was spent as a systems developer, specializing in brokerage applications. Technical analysis has been a hobby since the 1980s.

I have played chess competitively for over 50 years with modest success, achieving various minor master titles. The highlight was an appearance in the US Championship in 2002, a fact which taken alone might leave the reader with a grotesque overestimation of my actual ability. A selection of some of my games is here.

Since retiring, I have been following the stock market more rigorously than previously and think my understanding is improving.

Recently I developed a strategy that trades based on momentum. The strategy performs well mechanically, especially with ETFs. This strategy as well as current market conditions will be explored in depth in these pages. As time goes on, other investing concepts will probably find their way here.

Writing down my thoughts is useful for me so I’m hopeful that this exercise will be profitable for me one way or the other. There is also a quasi altruistic motivation, so I hope other people will find the content here useful.