2/23/21 Afternoon Signals xLH/c0>o1 or o0

When SPY starts playing better than both the Couch Potatoes (QQQ) and MiniMes (IWM) something might be happening. The current mild weakness could become intermediate in strength. If an investor is carrying too much size, the heat can make a persuasive case to sell, and that is probably not something to do here. The weekly… Continue reading 2/23/21 Afternoon Signals xLH/c0>o1 or o0

Commentary, Methodology

2/19/21 Current Signals xCC/y1>t3 – Sectors

The creepy voice is definitely whispering get out this morning, presumably after the open. y1 morphed into t3, hopefully to nobody's surprise. t1 was the other possibility, which would have been bullish OC at the cost of getting slapped around CO. I don't really look at what other people are doing much, unless I develop… Continue reading 2/19/21 Current Signals xCC/y1>t3 – Sectors