2/26/21 Afternoon Signals x00/c0:1>O3

The open today for SPY was a cent off less than the previous close, so I guess it really was c0 because the market is sort of up. x00 is an unusual FF5 sefira nowadays; when I was a whippersnapper they used to happen a lot. There haven’t been any in at least 81 days.

Imagine an investor trying to choose whether to buy or sell SPY or QQQ here. The last four candlesticks look identical to me, the gap down five days ago (Monday) is a little different. Today’s candle has a different narrow body color on the two charts. QQQ has made a new low most recently, SPY has stayed above the late January lows while QQQ has not. The point is these things are going to go pretty much the same way and each chart should be telling the analyst exactly the same thing. That thing is probably nothing.

.There is some legitimate doubt about what the oQuatz will look like at the close today because cQuatz was unclear. I imagine the FF5s x00 sefira should give us guidance here even though there is no recent data. That is a long play, but count on having stops tested if you have trouble with a little heat.

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