3/1/21 Current Signals x00/c2

On 11/24/20 an investor might have looked at the three month numbers starting from 8/27 and decided to buy IWM and IJH because they had the highest CC return. That would have worked.

However, they are the worst performers in the 63 day period prior to 8/27. In this case, the decision was a pleasant one because everything did pretty well.

I’ve been looking for ways to pick stocks from a list that shows relevant data for a long time and haven’t found a way to pick the best performers in the next period. That’s a far more interesting game than Monopoly, for example. If that is not possible, one has to wonder if analysis even matters.

x00 appeared 4 times in the 8/27 period. Both CO and OC are profitable. The most likely sefira at the close today will be x30 which is usually negative.

c2 will morph into either o2 or o3 at the close. On o3 the advice is to hang on to extra longs while o2 not so much.

All things considered, the recent weakness doesn’t seem to be all that serious.

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