1/21/21 Current Signals xFF/x7 and Sectors

The three unlikely post election sector heroes are KRE, XLE and XRT. KRE is doing about twice as well as XLF. Note that these strong sectors are going counter to the usual OC relative weakness.

The big advantage of using natural log returns is that the three periods can be added to get total returns. KRE, for example, on CC returned .41 + .04 +.15 = .60 over the three quarters. .69 is doubling your money. An investor could have doubled their money by just playing KRE CO .23 + .05 + .40 = .68.

Pretty cool, XRT is even better. .31 + .15 +.33 = .79.

SMH and XBI only get an honorable mention. XLB is notable for being better than average.

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