8/27/20 xFF ConsecuSig3?

Futures popped a little bit, on the usual Thursday dire news dump, but that was short lived. Fortunately my buddy from yesterday started buying at 9:10 again.

Having some trouble with editorial approval for my article, I’ll rework it over the weekend if the issue isn’t resolved before. The article looks at 3x Bears in addition to 3x Bulls and shows that playing Bears and Bulls can lead to substantial return improvement. Pretty sure nobody has ever demonstrated a winning strategy involving buying 3x Bears.

I’m not real optimistic on ConsecuSig, but when it is happening is a good time to check it out. Another xFF at the close will be ConsecuSig3.

Out of the 8 times this happened, the only positive experience happened in 12/2019. This might be a situation to sit out a 3x Bull position if xFF happens again and maybe even buy FAZ or TZA. It’s a summer Friday tomorrow though.

Labor day weekend is late this year. I don’t expect the week leading into Labor Day to be strong, that will be next week. Personally, I haven’t been real impressed with my seasonality predictions lately.

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