8/26/20 Probable xCF ConsecuSig2 if xFF

There was an interesting move at 9:10 EDT in the micro-ES emini. It’s like a guy got to the office, and decided the market should open higher. The idea is then to short at 9:20, buy back after the open, and spend the rest of the day on your yacht.

xFF may happen if SPY can take out the daily high and stay up there, definitely has time to do that. That would the second xFF in a row, or ConsecuSig2.

FNGU is the star of the article I submitted to SA, so we go from the Magnificent 7 to the Crazy 8. It’s only been around since 2018, so the study is only about 2 years. That period has been excellent for the strategies because it catches the 2018 trouble and late winter 2020.

The matrix has all the ConsecuSig2 numbers. They are all solid buys except for x33. Yes, sometimes you may be bitch slapped multiple days in a row by going long consecutive x00s, the algorithm is real sorry about that.

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