8/17/20 Semiconductors

This study looks at semis with average volume over a million shares that have a share price over $15. Doubling your money over 4 years is 2 to the fourth or 16, NVDA and AMD have succeeded in doing that.

The table above is a structure I use for analyzing performance and risk. These are aggregated natural log returns. The color coding and the date period snapshot lengths is new, I call it a Yrmolator.

Green means that the long signals made money and the flat signals lost money during the time period. Blue means both long and flat made money, but long made more. Yellow means that flat made more than long. Red, which we don’t see here, means long lost money and flat made money.

Yrmo is an abbreviation of year-month. In this case, the letters after the year are quarters. A is quarter 1, etc.

The colors make it easy to assess how good the strategy is quickly and makes it easy to focus on problem areas.

The strategy seems pretty damn good after a cursory examination.

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