Commentary, Methodology

5/12/21 Current Signal xLH

Back to the Middle Cycle. Signals (like xLH) are sefirot, the plural of sefira, which means something like number in Hebrew. The Kabbalistic meaning of the terms are much more nuanced, but “number” is still a pretty good definition.

The middle cycle sefirot xLH and xHL are composites made up of less usual signals.

Last time, xLH happened with x0F, this time it is x0C. One of these tends to do OK while the other doesn’t, but understanding why isn’t easy. xLH also happens with xMF and xMC which are relatively rare. None of these signals is a mechanical buy, hence xLH.

Now that the market has some concrete numbers to help in understanding the inflation issue, we might expect some stability… or not.

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