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4/22/21 Fixed Anchor Point or Derangement?

Interesting dilemma yesterday was whether to hold overnight. The weak CO trend is a big deal currently.

I’m starting to understand what I’ve been doing the last more than a few months. The studies have been rate of change analysis with consecutive time periods. That sort of relates to a moving average offset; offset means moving a moving average line x days to the right on a chart.

It should be possible to use these numbers in a logic engine like FF5. My current thinking is that binary codes are better than hex. A hex value contains 4 binary numbers, but it can’t deal with 5, probably it is as simple as that. One might think that is a problem that someone could think through in a shorter timeframe.

The philosophical idea is that fixed anchor points are weak in timeframe analysis. There is a universal tendency to use fixed anchors. If daily and weekly charts are analyzed; the end date of today is a fixed anchor point.

The contra idea is Yrmolation which is illustrated here. I’m thinking of changing the name to derangement.

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