4/15/21 Sifting Through The Carnage Of Backwards Day

The 2nd law of thermodynamics as it applies to the stock market may still have adherents. but yesterday showed it to be a little questionable. Personally, I’m a big negentropy fan, but some of that is just the name.

The interesting backwards day phenomena is clearly visible on all the lists except value. The 21 day columns are sorted by 21 day RR so there is green at the top and red at the bottom. However, yesterday’s colors are almost perfectly switched. so that red is on the top and green on the bottom.

I like these two industry lists in the Industrials sector because the stocks are nicely related and the number of members is easy to see at one time. Same thing happening for Specialty Machinery, not so much for Aerospace..

All in all things are looking not bad this morning, as the usual suspects are waking up from their little nap. This looks like a relatively rare recent win for CO.

I’m not sure what to make of XLU being the best sector. It is important to be properly positioned, to have the leisure to see how things play out.

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