4/15/21 The Homestretch – Healthcare and Materials

If a kidnapper of a close family member demands that you invest in either XLU, XLB, or XLV probably the choice is between XLB or XLV. They both look pretty good today, showing breakouts above congestion.

Mining is the hot area today. Steel has not been strong lately but still the leading industry. The win rates are not too good.

Healthcare demonstrates selection mechanics issues. It is probably best to keep Biotech separate although here AMGN and BIIB slip in anyway. Both look not too bad.

With almost everything doing alright today there is no hurry to construct a plan. The health secto seems more attractive than XLB at least for stability.

At 415 SPY is 20 points above 395, close to a 5% drop if it makes a social call. Doesn’t look likely to happen soon. Clearly not a whole lot of selling interest out there.

IWM/TNA is not dropping at least. Still probably filling out it’s bottom formation but not worth serious attention in this environment.

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