4/13/21 Current Signal xCF

Probably have to get someone to look at my brain engrams to check how I thought xFC could resolve into xCC; not the first or last time I’ve done that.

xCF OC has been a nice play to be long lately.

It seems useful to split Semis into a group separate from Tech because the Mojo is different – two different varieties of couch potatoes as it were.

Negative day yesterday for the Semis but not too bad. E&P still looks a bit stretched with the 1%/day compound return over the last month. Not easy to see on the graphic but the 1 day colors match the 21 day. That being said, the red on the bottom are not bad choices.

With the MSFT/NUAN news it was sort of a backwards day yesterday for software in that the daily and 21 day didn’t go in the same direction.

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