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8/21/20 xCC – Lipstick Day and Mothers Day

Lipstick Day comes from the expression “Put lipstick on a pig.” I use that term for mostly summer Fridays. Mothers day, in 1970s Milwaukee street slang was the day people received their welfare checks. For stock market events, that means options expiration day. Today is both. Hopefully, the market won’t start freaking out about the election today, or at least wait until I’m flat.

IWM and SPY did take out their PSARs yesterday, QQQ and (oddly) DIA did not.

The person asking about ConsecuSig on SA has been trying to code the signals. The technique I explain seems the best way to me, but maybe it is possible to do with some ugly combination of if/and/or/else statements. The formula for the moving average numbers is:

(WPrice – Moving Average) / WPrice = NumberX

Have to admit, I don’t completely understand the nature of NumberX, but it will be positive or negative at the right times. Then the compares go:

If NumberX > 0 Then Price is Above, and If NumberX > LastNumberX then Tick is Up

x0 is both NumberXs below and both ticks down. xF is both NumberXs above and both ticks up. x3 is both NumberXs below and at least one tick is up. xC is both NumberXs above and at least one tick is down. xM is one NumberX is above and one is below.

They aren’t hard to figure out manually with a calculator if you just look at 13 day stuff. Probably some software is needed to calculate the averages, especially for EMA.

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