8/7/20 xFC and a Look at July-August So Far

Neo-Classical Specter plays xCF long. LCC (Long Close to Close) and FCC (Flat Close to Close) are starting to look better for this time period after the difficult period in May-June. Note all the guys are making money Long and losing money Flat.

HLr stands for High Low ratio. That is derived by CH (Natural Log Close to High) – CL (Natural Log Close to Low). If that is positive, life is about as good as it gets. Another key number is CO, plus 16% in 25 trade days.

xFC has lost 2% during this period, if one is trading these guys it is generally reasonable to sit those out.

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    1. Hi Bob, I post the signals virtually every day. There is no charge. Keep in mind my interest is primarily in research and interpretation. I believe these techniques are useful in understanding what the market is doing but suggest caution in following them.

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