3/16/21 Real Time xCC/o2

Fed day is tomorrow, so the action is mostly position sizing and maneuvering. o2 is the best performing oQuatz for Growth ETFs over the past 13 days but that’s both unimportant and not longer term true.

The second table is near real time; the numbers get refreshed every 20 seconds or so on my desktop. Real time is real overrated, like they say having faster reactions in a gun fight is.

The columns starting with “c” are current day natural log returns * 100. IWM, for example, has a cCC of -1.91 = .0191 * 100.

The 13 day numbers, I decided not to multiply by 100.

Assuming that the bull move won’t continue to 400 immediately, a mild retracement will be to 391, a 38,2 retracement to 288 and the 18 day SMA would be a minor retracement. 391 and all of the Fib lines are places where there are a lot of stops, and thus are potential short term swing entry points. It is not a good idea to reduce position size on the way down.

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