2/25/21 Current Signals xHL/o1>c1 or c3

It looks like the CO excursion is going to be a bit negative which makes c1 the relevant cQuatz. c0 and c1 are both only 43% profitable CC.

The couch potatoes look like they are in a weird technical place. Note how TQQQ is in last place for CC.

The weekly formation for the Qskis is quite rare and called an expanding triangle I think. If that resolves to the downside, the formation turns into a megaphone. More normal triangles resolve to a rectangle if they fail, which is sort of neutral/negative. The megaphone is less neutral. In addition the monthly situation for all the big guys is a giant megaphone going back to the beginning of 2018.

I hate to give the bubble boys any credit but things could get really nasty. In addition the Quatz seem to be acting like some kind of shift is taking place. It isn’t a bad idea around here to consider reducing size, especially close to all time highs.

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