2/12/21 Current Signals xCC/x2 Lipstick Day

Kzc3 went xCM or xHL from xMM earlier. xCM is very rare so it is worth mentioning, but it is doubtful that there is any special significance to it.

CO is barely negative at the moment, but it is a chance to show the hopefully bug free tables below showing how this affects OC odds.

If SPY CO is negative with x2, the broad based ETFs were almost always losing CO while if that happens with x1 things are more mixed. OC is OK in either case.

Getting the win rate correct was tricky while the return was more BAU. Both calculations use 3 dimensional arrays. During my so called “working” career, I never used even a 2 dimensional array. The 3 dimensions are needed because the tables are produced with three different date ranges; only one date range is shown here. This is a good 15 minute exercise to give someone during a job interview.

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