2/5/21 Current Signals xFF/x7 3x Bulls

The median 3 month return for the Bullski’s is .59. A natural log return of .69 doubles the investment. Only 3 of the 7 bulls were able to exceed that, but the others were all on the right side of +50%. With mediocre returns like this, it is no wonder that the twits started looking for greener pastures like AMC, KOSS, GME, and silver.

The greed that infests the financial industry is something to behold. An even more unpleasant combination is created with the addition of laziness.

The x7 numbers have been nice for this period, to say the least. LABU has been weak here OC. That can be explained by some countertrend activity it engaged in over the period. It was very strong in the weeks after the election while the overall market was relatively weak, and then corrected while the overall market was catching up. More recently, everything has been in sync.

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