1/5/21 – Current Signals xHL

Use Kabbalah to Design Winning Strategies was published yesterday evening.

I removed a little diatribe about chart reading from an early draft because charts are two dimensional, etc. The decline was rather trivial, it was contained at the Dec 21 open and closed just above the Dec 24 close. The lack of a rebound overnight is not good news especially on a Tuesday. There are a bunch of unfilled gaps on the slope of Mt Lameduck that come into play if the December lows are penetrated and that looks like a decent bet.

Note xHL is making a positive return in both samplings, but that is coming from CO strength. The more recent numbers look OK OC but the 128 day sample numbers starting on Apr 2 look more likely. The 82% RR and 75% CO win rates on the more recent sample are not likely to keep happening.

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