Commentary, Methodology

11/2/20 – Consenso x03, Rebote del Gato Muerto

Two additional Zombi Consensos were added, Zcon3 and Zcon4. They each look at 15 strategies, Zcon3 looks for 13 and 21 in the label while Zcon4 picks up 3 and 7. The Friday close wasn’t a bad place to buy despite the disinterest of the foxes, at least from a CO perspective. This is a base that has been forming for four months.

The YTD strategy numbers look pretty good after a decline, but they didn’t look bad before either. Trend following needs some work and it’s not the top priority at the moment. It is active here but I’m ignoring it.

I submitted an article to Seekingalpha yesterday, waiting for the editorial review.

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