6/18/20 Closing Prices

I’ve noticed that closing prices are adjusted sometime after the 4pm market close and that has been enough to change the signals slightly several times. Before yesterday, I wasn’t sure what was happening.

Yesterday’s signal was xCF instead of xMF. While still flat in classical Specter/FF5, xCF has been profitable to buy for over 4 years.

Sorry for any inconvenience. It didn’t occur to me that small changes could change the signal regularly. My guess is that the official close is known usually at 4:15 or 4:30, but I have to check that manually.

Theoretically one can take positions after hours once the signal is known. However, I doubt if that is the proper way to trade the signals. That is more like a pathetic attempt to imitate a computer.

My current experience trading these guys is that the signal is valuable for insight during the next day’s action.

The xCF yesterday, is a weak one. If the signal is less than xM, that means one of the moving averages is above price and one is below. Yesterday, the 13 day weighted simple moving average ended being very slightly below the closing price.

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