Specter/FF5 Signals

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Matrix for LABU

The aggregated matrix was discussed in the SA Blog. The matrix can also be displayed for a single security.

Note the FF5 signals in green are quite profitable. In this case the xFF signal is weak, shown in purple. Knowing this, it made sense to avoid investing in LABU during the recent xFF period. The xCF period in yellow shows a good return and thus a position could have been established at the close this afternoon.

The profit from doing this can be determined by adding up the grand totals of the green and yellow column. From the left – .95 + 1.29 +.62 + .72 + .17 = 3.75. This beats the already outrageous profit of 2.87 using the defaults. This would have beaten the SOXL performance of 3.62 which resulted in a current value of $1 for the 4.5 year period of 37.43.

3x Performance Summary

LABU’s performance would be higher than SOXL with the change to xCF.

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