6/24/21 ARK Active: TSLA Making A Move

I’ve been looking at ETF components recently. TSLA seems to comprise about 5% of growth ETF portfolios. ARKK, ARKQ, and ARKW each have about 10%. TSLA underperformance explains some of the issues with ARK Active.

The last few days, TSLA has been strong.

I think that if TSLA is performing well, the rest of the portfolio will probably do the same.

Many of ARK Active investments are newer issues or non-US. The list presented here has US equities with over three years of history. Evaluating new issues is not easy and it makes some sense for an investor to delegate this.

My view of the market is positive here based on the powerful reaction to last Friday’s mild weakness. I’ve added a little size in the last few days.

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