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Stock Charts With Excel

I’m hoping to start regular commentary again, and thinking about ways to share my VBA code.

SPY began the day in the pocket formed by the 20 and 50 day SMA. This would a nice time for a move to challenge those two topping tails.

Recently, I’ve been working with the Excel chart object, which strikes me as difficult to master. The main reason for that is the user interface based worksheet operations such as range selection are only useful for relatively crude charts.

The worksheet issues make working with the object more than twice as complicated as it should be. Immediately moving spreadsheet data to arrays for processing is mandatory. Even then the object is no piece of cake but at least it can be dealt with.

There are many examples of Excel candlestick stock charts on the web. InvestExcel has an excellent example with VBA code. The example is the first step of a journey.

QQQ has been doing better than SPY as the first quarter draws to a close. The QQQ 20 day SMA didn’t cross below the 50 day.

The little guys are doing less well, IWM and RSP charts are remarkably similar.

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