6/21/21 Broad Based ETFs Growth vs Value

After Friday’s value drubbing, I was surprised to see an article pushing value stocks because they have doing so well. They are definitely more valuable this morning than Thursday for example. Personally, I’m a big value fan but sort of regard that as a weakness because growth consistently trounces value. About the best one can say about the value side discussion is that growth makes money, value makes money and pigs get slaughtered.

Anyway, an argument about value doing better than growth should be backed up by some kind of numbers illustrating the point. They just don’t seem to be there anymore, as the relatively positive numbers from very early in the year have been absorbed into CC144 from CC36 and CC72. All structured lookbacks for the past year show growth solidly ahead.

At least CO was positive this morning, note that has a mildly negative impact on OC chances.

A modest gain today will make the signal x30. That is typically the worst signal but it has been performing OK lately. I’m not planning on adding to positions if that happens.

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