6/3/21 Missed It By That Much

The idea behind the pop above the key 417 level last week was to set the semi-obligatory new high and possibly then schedule a service appointment to check the air suspension below the 404 level, which has been causing the check engine light to flash intermittently.

Tuesday saw an intraday high of 422.72 just south of the intraday high of 422.82 on May 7 and the official closing high of 422.12 from the same day still stands. The relatively big black candle the next day after May 7 (May 10) saw an intraday high of 422.74.

While the relative lack of recent stress has been unstressful, the fact remains that it is easier to break even by opening a savings account. Maybe the overnight dip back to the 417 level will trigger a few overly tight stops and garner enough Mojo to finally make it over the top, and after that maybe we can take a closer look at the air suspension.

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