3/22/21 Afternoon Signals xHL/o3

I’m working on a user interface. The first four (cCC/cRR/cCO/cOC) columns are real time numbers; multiplying them by 100 was weird, now they are 4 decimal – ,01 is about 1%.

The middle CC/RR/CO/OC columns are log returns for the 31 previous trade days. The number 31 is a variable. The columns wCC/wRR/wCO/wOC show the win rates for the 31 days.

This is a good day for growth versus value. The value numbers are a little pessimistic because of ex-div issues. The tables are really interesting with sector portfolios, there is no apparent overhead on my PC with hundreds of securities.

The advance from important short term support is positive. xHL is OK CO. You don’t want to get on the wrong end of a ping match here.

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