Commentary, Methodology

3/15/21 Current Signals xCF/o1>c1 or c3

FNGU is included in the 3x Bulls here. The RR calculation has changed to include only OC; it is now based on daily high and low and not the true range which considers the previous close if it is outside of the high/low range.

Previously, the Yrmolation periods were equal size because that was easier to code. I finally took a little time to do the variable periods.

xCF is a neo Classical buy signal because the hex values aren’t the same. It did fine in the previous 91 day period but not so great here. The 13 day period is quite short, but notice that the lower cycle has more days than the higher cycle. Things will be quite bearish if that pattern doesn’t reverse.

The previous 39 day quatz numbers look a lot better than the current 13 day, so perhaps we aren’t doomed. At least c1 has a decent win rate.

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