Commentary, Methodology

3/5/21 Current Signals x00/o0>c2 Specter/FF5 Methodology

Since my plan was to play x00 CO before yesterday OC happened, it made sense to follow through despite the obvious points against it. In chess, there is a saying that even a bad plan is better than no plan.

TNA and FAS are tied for the best 63 trade day performance since December. UDOW and SPXL reflect the continuing relative strength in the smokestacks.

The FF5 numbers should be better plays in the lower cycle over the quatz. The quatz were developed to play bull moves where descents to the middle and lower cycles are rare. Making positive returns in the lower cycle with Specter/FF5s is a bonus, the idea is to do better than buy and hold down here.

FF5s mechanical buys are x00, x33, xMM, xCC, xCF, and xFF. Lately, the profitability of each sefira (= signal, sefirot = signals) is evaluated before making a decision. Now xHL and xLH show losses CC. xFF is currently the only profitable upper cycle sefira which probably demonstrates some real technical issues in the recent nutso bull action.

The normal closing signals for x00 are x00 and x30.

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