3/3/21 Current Signals xMM/o2>c2 or c0 – 3x Splits

TECL has been added to my 3x Bull list. TECL and SOXL had splits yesterday. SOXL was becoming difficult to trade in round lots at share prices well north of $500. TECL seems to be similar in makeup to XLK. They are both now priced around $40. SeekingAlpha didn’t adjust these prices until late yesterday night or early this morning. An investor with a long SOXL or TECL position who relies on SA for market data might have had a nasty shock when seeing this.

xMM is a classical FF5s buy because it usually makes a positive return, the 63 day period ending yesterday is probably about as good as it gets. It is definitely not the norm for this unusual signal to be the top return generator.

o2 is persistently weak CO but still wins almost half the time. A trader who waited for the close to sell yesterday waited too long and had a decent excuse to stay long. Until the late afternoon there were chances to sell at close to the open; once the late afternoon move completed, price had not moved below Monday’s open. That is technically bullish and tough to sell for a loss there.

The next oQuatz will be o2 or o3 assuming CO is positive at the open.

There is resistance above 390. Breaking above 400 quickly would be a pleasant surprise, but prices will most likely hang around the recent rather wide 378-394 trading range.

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