2/18/21 Afternoon Signals xLH/t1>y0

The 18 day simple moving average at 384.xx is obviously a target here and a drop to the 52 week average at 375 wouldn’t exactly make Ripley’s Believe It or Not either. You don’t want to be caught in something like this with extra risk, as you probably want to buy on declines. There are a lot of shares available at prices approaching 400, as the last nine candles attest.

xLH isn’t a mechanical buy signal but it is doing OK. The couch potatoes (TQQQ) have a little wCO and wRR win rate problem but the bulls have come out of this pretty well. CO return has been decent through the previous 39 day Yrmolation starting 10/26/20, but was weak on the one startng 8/31/20.

The yKwatz has changed from y0 to y1 as I write this. Both signals are excellent CO, but don’t seem all that exciting OC. t2 can happen if y0 appears, if y1 doesn’t make a positive return, t1 will appear which is positive.

Holding CO looks like the correct play at the moment.

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