Commentary, Methodology

2/16/21 Afternoon Signals xCF/y1

Pretty cool insight from the Kwatz. It’s anybody’s guess what the right timeframe is, but xCF has not been exactly been a gold mine recently. Note the big higher cycle wins are coming from xFF. The xCF/xFC rotation is leaving both sides not real happy. On the other hand, holding CO isn’t crazy here.

The yKwatz/tKwatz thing is really interesting. y2 looks like the current yKwatz reading. COy is positive and OCy is negative. If OC turns positive today, the signal will be y3. y2 is quite crappy CO, but y3 is fine. If y2 happens, the tKwatz after the open tomorrow will either be t0 or t2. t2 is fine OC, t0 not so much.

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