1/28/21 Current Signals xLH/x0 – GME and XRT

Have to confess, I went long yesterday at the close. With the introduction of the sefirot, x0F and x0C have been merged into xLH. xLH can either drop to the lower cycle with x00 or x30 or stay in the middle cycle with xHL (or xMM if not x0F or x0C previously). x0 as a daily signal hasn’t lost CO for SPY over the last 6 months.

XRT is sort of going parabolic now, presumably because of GME. I tend to ignore bullshit like that but decided to look at this more closely last night. My conclusion is WTF.

Someone has an article on SeekingAlpha suggesting buying GME puts. That makes sense until you look at the prices for those things; I doubt I will be giving that guy control of my portfolio in the near future. XRT puts are probably a more sane way to play this if one is obsessive compulsive about these things.

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