1/6/21 Current Signals

The 13 and 21 based zombies landed in less clear places than were seen during yesterday earlier afternoon. I had bids in the after hours market to buy TNA and SPXL but they weren’t hit. The concern about the Georgia elections evidently was over some trivial issues the giant couch potato equities might have with regulators; cost of doing business I guess… breaks my heart.

The Yrmolated ETF list is a good way to see relative strength. Win rates near 50% or below show weakness, just like negative return numbers. It’s almost impossible to look at a list like this and consistently pick a bunch of future out performers, but that doesn’t stop us from trying.

xCM translates to the xLH sefira. It seems that xLH (Low to High) is backwards because the order of the characters is today/yesterday. I could just switch them around but I’ll leave them like this for the moment.

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