12/7/20 – Mid Afternoon Signals

Recently, I’ve been looking at daily performance. That is an Octal measurement. If CC, OC, and CO are all positive, that produces a 7, etc.

xMMMC is derived from taking today’s first hex codes for the four kzc zombies. Kzc stands for Komplex Zombi Consenso. The 14 daily results with this combination have been bloody awful.

xCF is considered a buy and xMF is sort of the same signal only a bit weaker as only one average is below price. xMF has surprisingly consistent poor results for the last several years that looks less awful than xMMMC but a far cry from good.

If the guys can manage to show an OC profit, odds will look a little better, at least for a CO profit overnight. Monday is the best day to hold overnight but these numbers seem to argue against it.

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