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11/17/20 – Current Signals and “and” “or”

The foxes are unanimous this morning with xFF more prevalent than xCC.

Recent work has involved handling “or” and “and” conditions. Merging trend following with regular signals is an or routine. In the new single garbage can, each row has symbol and date which are unique, and each row has specific columns for each of the 58 strategy positions (29 regular and 29 trend following). Two or more strategies can be merged using “and” and/or “or” statements.

To get that to work properly a routine is needed that can do a variable number of ands and ors. That is considered low level programming – “little or no abstraction from a computer’s instruction set architecture.” “Low” connotates something inferior to “high” which is unfortunate because it isn’t and might arguably be superior to high.

I suspect that misinterpretation goes a long way to explain why market understanding is so poor.

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