11/16/20 – Current Signals

I guess the jury is still out about my decision not to play xFC long despite trend following being in effect. If I went long, it probably would have been with the couch potato index (QQQ) which is not up this morning, apparently because of the better vaccine.

According to the pundits, Mt. Lameduck was created last Monday because of the not awful PFE vaccine, nothing to do with election results of course. Now there is a clearly better candidate vaccine and dear leader is closer to the door. Fundamentals are tricky.

Whatever happens today, trend following is still in effect and xCF or xFF are the likely consensus signals.

I submitted an article to Seekingalpha yesterday. It’s a reworking of my Halloween article which I pulled after submitting it for review a few weeks ago. I’ll be away for the rest of the day.

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