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10/23/20 Midday Signals, Life on the Neckline

Zomb1 is heading for the exit if things close like this but zcon1 is long.

I’ve been working on the Win/Lose game. The numbers looked too good to be true but it took several days to figure out what was wrong. The table below has my current interpretation of right.

Buy and Hold has winning days 55.x% of the time. The zombi strategies do about 3% better. That’s a significant amount but not like the 80 and 90% numbers I initially came up with.

For xw = 1 To sc
Worksheets(SheetTot).Cells(2, xw + 1) = A1x(xw, 0)
Worksheets(SheetTot).Cells(2, xw + sc2) = _
    A1x3(xw, 0) / A1x2(0) * 1000
For xw1 = 1 To 27
Worksheets(SheetTot).Cells(xw1 + 2, xw + 1) = A1x(xw, xw1)
Worksheets(SheetTot).Cells(xw1 + 2, xw + sc2) = _
    A1x3(xw, xw1) / A1x2(xw1) * 1000
Next xw1
Next xw

My original version of the above routine used A1x2(xw) instead of A1x2(xw1). How dumb can you get?

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