9/24/20 – x03 Going In

I divided the days column by 6 this time. The table shows results for all x0x for today, not just x03. x00 is the only result that is a buy signal.

Looks like this week will be the fourth losing week in a row for SPY. That also happened in September and May 2019, so there are still reasonable chances for humanity to survive.

I will be away for the rest of the day.

2 thoughts on “9/24/20 – x03 Going In”

  1. Hi Josef – I’m curious… do you adjust your trend following strategy for m13m21? Or do you still look at em3 buy signals (<21 in 50 days)?

  2. Trend following is an area that needs a little work. I calculated the numbers for em combinations but haven’t looked at ee, mm, etc. At the moment, I pick up all four em numbers and select the 3em numbers by default on all the strategies I analyze to do trend following. The 3 em numbers seem really good but the others weren’t bad either.

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