9/15/20 – x30 For em13

I’m in the middle of this multiple strategies development phase. em13 is definitely x30 but Consenso is saying x3M. Hope to have the new analysis ready in a day or two, but doubt it will expose any great secrets of the universe.

Anyway, I don’t think the x30 is super negative here. It seems that traders who wanted to short did it at 15:50 into the close yesterday.

2 thoughts on “9/15/20 – x30 For em13”

  1. what is the difference between the two signals? From the intraday calculation, the em13 signal for today’s close might be xM3

    1. x30 is the EM13 signal. I’m probably more confusing than usual because I’m also looking at other strategies simultaneously.

      My interpretation of x30 for em13 here, is that it doesn’t have the usual real negative connotations, because a reasonable bottom is in place, the FOMC is meeting, the other strategy signals are not that bad, and range is no longer expanding. Last week I was shorting x30 but am flat on this one.

      I get xM3 for the intraday calculation at this point also.

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