8/31/20 Probable xCF

Call me old fashioned, but if you want to turn $100 into $3,000,000 is it too much, to ask that you master this? If it is too much to ask, is there really even a remote possibility that you can pull this off in real life?

The E13/M13 build is illustrated here. xEM on the bottom table just shows the third position in the four character xEM column. Both E13 and M13 are always above zero, and each number in descending rows is above the prior number until today.

The moving averages are calculated as (WPrice – MA) / WPrice * 100. Probably, you’ll need software to verify the numbers. I do that by using stockcharts because they have clean data. They will give you the correct numbers for closing price, you can check that E13 and M13 match exactly before doing the subtraction.

If nothing interesting happens until the close, the signal for tomorrow is xCF which is a buy. xFF can also happen which is also a buy.

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