8/31/20 29,000x

I’ve been working on presenting multiple strategy results to demonstrate that just about any reasonable combination of indicators in a finite state setup will produce impressive results. That results in a change to the naming convention, so 13em is now em13.

The results of 3xWushu for about 10 years are below.

29000x for SOXL/SOXS is a bit of an exaggeration at the moment but there is two and a half months left in the 10 year period. That turns $35 into $1,000,000. Keep in mind the availability of funds problem I noted in Fangdango.

There may be something wrong with the analysis. In the comments to my articles, I haven’t seen anything that suggests that there is. Nonetheless these plays are very risky, even if the concept is mathematically sound, the psychological issues are considerable in their own right.

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