OEF is the Current Specter

There were technical issues using $SPX as the Specter, in that it was difficult to get intraday readings. Downloading readings from Yahoo didn’t work with my software so I had to put in the data by hand. Then the index gets slightly adjusted after 4PM anyway. I think everything is OK by 4:15 and will check that today.

Meanwhile OEF (S&P 100 etf) is relatively thinly traded and gives “better” signals than SPY, so I will use that at least for today. For the kids out there, OEX were the cool options in the 80s into the 90s before SPY and QQQ.

2002 days goes back to late 2012. Note how buying/selling CO (Close to Open) beats buy and hold (CC – Close to Close). Note also how LC is higher than CH. That is somewhat normal for all equities. YTD however, CH is greater than LC which suggests a strongly trending market.

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