x00 Signal if SPY Stays at Low of the Week

x00 is a classical Specter/FF5 buy but it would obviously be quite dangerous here.

SPY could well be starting a serious move down. During February, x00 did not work well.

There haven’t been any x00 readings for the 13 day in the second quarter except for today potentially. x00 made a lot of the February hit back in March. The main problem in February was that as x00 persists the classical strategy will continue to go long because the signal keeps repeating. That might work out OK in the end for an algorithm that doesn’t have a stomach, but a human can’t put up with that.

The 52 week moving average is also in play, that is about 298 for SPY. Long term averages have limited significance but it pays to keep them in mind. The 13 week is below the 52 week at about 280. 280 is a slightly more optimistic target than the 270 where the 39 month is lurking.

It will be quite dangerous to hold over the weekend whether we end up with x00 or x30.

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